Advantages of compact fluorescent bulbs (integrated) compared to incandescent lamps

  • To 80% less energy consumption for the same amount of light
  • 6 to 15 times longer duration
  • Low maintenance costs especially in the case of outdoor or ceiling lighting
  • Numerous application possibilities thanks to a wide range
  • Lamps are available in warm white colour (827), cold daylight ( 865) and cold white (840 limited number of types)

Application of compact fluorescent bulbs (integrated) compared to incandescent lamps

  • Designed to replace incandescent bulbs in domestic use where the lamp is not directly visible
  • Suitable for indoor applications in functional areas
  • Outdoor application requires closed lamps
  • They are not suitable for regulation

Logistic information

Econ twister

SKU Code Barcode Transport packaging Energy class
PHILIPS BULB ECON TWISTER 20W/865 E27 45235 8718291679394 6 A
PHILIPS BULB ECON TWISTER 12W/827 E27 45230 8718291217039 6 A
PHILIPS BULB ECON TWISTER 12W/865 E27 45231 8710163406145 6 A
PHILIPS BULB ECON TWISTER 20W/827 E27 45234 8718291680086 6 A

Philips bulbs - Declaration of Conformity

Replacement integrated bulbs are compact flourescent bulbs which are with special technology and shape approximately or exactly the same as bulbs with filament. They can be directly replaced in the same lamps. Bulbs have classic E27 or E14 lamp holder. These innovative lamps combine exceptional fluorescent bulb fetures: low energy consumption and incandescent bulbs features: compact shape and easy maintenance. (Energy class A)

Philips Econ Twister 865 E27 20W
Philips Econ Twister 827 E27 12W
Philips Econ Twister 865 E2712W
Philips Econ Twister 827 E2720W
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