• Compared to incandescent lamps, halogen lamps are slightly more colour temperatured, giving it a fresh and radiant appearance
  • Halogen lamps have longer duration than standard incandescent bulbs
  • Give more light with the same power
  • Thanks to halogen cyclic process, they preserve the quality of light during the entire working life of lamps

Logistic information

SKU Code Barcode Transport packaging Energy class
PHILIPS HALOGEN DICH. 4y 50W GU5.3 12V 36D 2BC/10 46127 8718696588789 10 B

It provides rich contrast and lively lighting space by encouraging active and creative work. Under the halogen lights, the colours look fresh and highly reflective chrome, crystal and silver objects radiate with especially attractive glow. Halogen light is characterized by its brilliance and a perfect application in general and accent lighting. Many types of bulbs are available in different sizes, colours, with or without spotlights, offering the freedom to create personal lighting solutions.

For the major application areas, such as fashionable shops and hotels, halogen lights are elected because of its perfect sparkling lights, the best colour and a pleasant atmosphere. It provides a scattered, soft lighting, no shadows or precision-focused, narrow beams of light for many varieties of lighting, creating a creative and personal accent.

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