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SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
Granfetta Classic 61200 8000270019575 300g 12 pieces
Granfetta del Benessere VITALITA 61202 8000270019605 300g 12 pieces
Granfetta Integrale 61201 8000270019599 300g 12 pieces
Granfetta del Benessere MULTICEREALI 61206 8000270700602 300g 12 pieces

Granfetta buiscit

Granfetta biscuit an ideal healthy meal for start the day. Light, crispy and fragrant will supply you with enough energy to successfully overcome all the challenges that you will face during the day. Granfetta biscuit enriched with natural fiber and vitamins.


Granfetta Classic300g
Granfetta del Benessere VITALITA300g
Granfetta Integrale300g
Granfetta del Benessere MULTICEREALI300g
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