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SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
Nordwind candies Spearmint 61990 90444272 25g 20 pcs
Nordwind candies Peppermint 61991 90444258 25g 20 pcs
Nordwind candies Cherry 61992 9044400921269 25g 20 pcs

Nordwind candies

Nordwind hard candies come in practical and interesting packaging.They are distinguished by their strong and intensive flavor. They do not contain sugar. In its offer Nordwind has fruit flavors of cherry and mango-lime combination, and refreshing flavors of spearmint, peppermint and eucalypthus-menthol combination.


Nordwind candies Spearmint25g
Nordwind candies Peppermint25g
Nordwind candies Cherry25g
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