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SKU Code Barcode Commercial packaging
Quattro for women blades 3/1 62269 4027800414345 10 pieces
Wilkinson Intuition Sensitive razor blades 3/1 62278 4027800007103 10 pieces
Wilkinson Intuition f.a.b. razor blades 3/1 62324 4027800406203 10 pieces
Wilkinson Hydro Silk razor blades 3/1 62313 4027800538002 10 pieces

Wikinson razor blades for razor systems for women

Wilkinson razor blades for system razors come in a package of three pieces for Quattro razor systems, and Intuition which also comes in package of 3 razors. Quattro for Women is the first women’s razor in the world with four blades. Razors contain soothing Aloe and Vitamin E, protective grill to prevent cuts when shaving. Wilkinson razors are designed in such a way that your skin is perfectly smooth and soft after shaving. Quattro for women razor blades provide more durability and comfort during shaving, containing tensioning rubber that tightens the skin, and sliding strip before the blades which provides extra comfort. Hydro Silk razor with 5 blades was designed in order to ensure maximum skin hydration, up to 2h after shaving. Novelty in womens shaving is Intuition f.a.b., razor with 5 blades which shave in both directions – up and down. This unique razor in shaving category will make your shaving easier than ever!


Wilkinson Intuition Sensitive razor blades3/1
Wilkinson Intuition f.a.b. razor blades3/1
Wilkinson Hydro Silk razor blades3/1
Quattro for women blades3/1
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