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SKU Code Barcode Commercial packaging
Wilkinson Classic metal razor system + 5 blades 62208 4027800015504 5 pieces
Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Sensitive razor system + 1 blade 62265 4027800536269 5 pieces
Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Precision Carbon razor system + 1 blade 62241 4027800037803 5 pieces
Wilkinson Quattro razor system + 1 blade 62282 4027800636440 5 pieces
Wilkinson Hydro 5 Connect razor system + 1 blade 62310 4027800239931 5 pieces
Wilkinson Xtreme3 Hybrid razor + 5 blades 62299 4027800712731 5 pieces

Wilkinson razor systems for men

Wilkinson razor systems provide a unique feeling of shaving. Along with classic metal razor Classic which represents the traditional way of shaving, Wilkinson offers Quattro line of razor systems which easily meet all needs for technology, quality, speed, dynamic, power, precision, style, perfection and brilliant ease of use. These razor systems have four titanium coated blades, and a styling blade to achieve the perfect finish, in order to achieve the unique experience of shaving. If you want to create your own individual shaving style, Quattro Titanium Precision Carbon razor system is the right choice to achieve this goal. Carbon contains a built-in trimmer on the bottom, which enables shaping per your desires. All razor systems have replaceable blades which allow Wilkinson to become your long-term nourisher and a friend of your skin. Hydro 5 Connect is the flagship in male Wilkinson razors – 5 blades designed specifically to keep the skin safe from cuts and irritation ensure perfectly smooth skin, after each shaving.


Wilkinson Classic metalrazor system + 5 blades
Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Sensitiverazor system + 1 blade
Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Precision Carbonrazor system + 1 blade
Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Core Motionrazor system + 1 blade
Wilkinson Hydro 5 Connectrazor system + 1 blade
Wilkinson Xtreme3 Hybridrazor + 5 blades
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