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SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
BOBI flips with peanuts 40g 62850 3858891590004 40g 72 pieces
BOBI flips with peanuts 90g 62851 3858891590042 90g 20 pieces
BOBI flips with peanuts 180g 62855 3858891590325 180g (2x90g) 12 pieces

The original BOBI!

BOBI flips with peanuts was produced in the 1970s. From its very beginning until today, it has gained many fans. The prevailing peanut flavour and its perfect crispness have made BOBI flips an ideal snack for all occasions and people of all ages. BOBI flips is made from freshly roasted peanuts, vegetable oil and corn grits of the highest quality.

✓ No colours
✓ No flavour enhancers
✓ No preservatives
✓ No additives


BOBI flips with peanuts40g
BOBI flips with peanuts90g
BOBI flips with peanuts180g
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