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Bobi Rings Cream & Onion 70g

Try new flavor of the already well-known Bobi Rings!

The cream spiced with onions gives Bobi Rings a completely new, refreshing aroma, and the mild and creamy taste will surely satisfy many Bobi fans, of all ages!

Simply dive into the new flavor and enjoy the perfection of the taste, we bet you can't stop.

Logistic information

SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
BOBI rings pikant 62853 3858891590080 70g 20 pieces
BOBI rings pizza 62854 3858891590103 70g 20 pieces
BOBI rings cream & onion 64139 3858891590721 70g 20 pieces

BOBI rings

This is a round-shaped snack, which has the perfect ingredients and a perfect flavour ideal on all occasions. BOBI rings products have an excellent flavour and can be shared and enjoyed at any time, any place with friends and family members. Just open the bag and enjoy the mouth-watering perfecton of flavours.


BOBI rings pikant70g
BOBI rings pizza70g
BOBI rings cream & onion70g
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