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SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
Mentos gums Fresh Mint 30g 61784 80766889 30g 10 pieces
Mentos gums Spearmint 30g 61849 80946151 30g 10 pieces
Mentos gums Bubble fresh 30g 61848 80783367 30g 10 pieces
Mentos gums Fruit Strawberry 30g 61797 80956686 30g 10 pieces

Mentos chewing gum

Mentos chewing gums are pleasant way of caring for your teeth as part of a good oral health routine when it is not possible to brush your teeth. Chewing gum is significant help to protect the oral cavity. In addition, there is nothing better than intense feeling of freshness for your body and mind all day long which Mentos chewing gums fruit and mint flavors provide for you.


Mentos gums Fresh Mint30g
Mentos gums Spearmint30g
Mentos gums Bubble fresh30g
Mentos gums Fruit Strawberry30g
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