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SKU Code Barcode Weight Commercial packaging
Mentos candies Mint 38g 61800 87108019 38g 20 pieces
Mentos candies Fruit 38g 61801 87108026 38g 20 pieces
Mentos candies Grape 38g 61802 5908227100686 38g 20 pieces
Mentos candies Rainbow 37,5g 61803 87311396 38g 20 pieces
Mentos candies Fruit Duopack 76g 61794 8723400784791 76g 36 pieces
Mentos candies Spice It Up 37,5g 61788 87345100 37,5g 20 pieces

Mentos fruit candies

Mentos candies have been recognized worldwide as the best fresheners. Available in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their innovative approach: crunchy, smooth, soft and fresh environment is what makes this product special and gives it a competitive advantage. Variety of excellent flavors are refreshing mint as a symbol of youth, freshness and originality of ideas, then fruit – a mixture of various fruit flavors, grape – excellent taste grapes, rainbow – candies of different flavors, that will have fun exploring who is next in line to roll.

Project Details

Mentos candies Mint38g
Mentos candies Fruit38g
Mentos candies Grape38g
Mentos candies Rainbow37,5g
Mentos candies Fruit Duopack76g
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